Pink Galahs on Power Lines

Yesterday’s walk was a late one, so I was out and about right on dusk which is not that unusual, but it does make it harder to take iPhone photos.  What struck me about yesterday, was what a perfect afternoon it was. The sky was so high and blue, with dabs of cotton wool clouds, as can be seen in the photos of the palms.

I saw a bush with yellow clumps of flowers, (not sure what they are called) it was in full bloom, as were the grevillea.   There were lots of Native Miner birds about too, drinking from the nectar in the flowers of the grevillea trees.


Something fascinating and brand new to me, was right on dark, I saw some butterflies, a pair of really large ones, with wings that resembled leaves, they were difficult to see in the darkness, so I switched on my iPhone spotlight to get a better look and tried my best to take a photo, mainly just for identification later.  I snapped a very poor photo, but it was enough for me to google the details and learn that these are a fairly common butterfly that appear at dusk/on dark. They are called the Evening Brown Butterfly.  The outer wing is just like a leaf, providing excellent camouflage while the inner wing appeared an orange/yellow colour. I was fascinated as they fluttered around me time and time again and then would land near my feet.  Then there were the gorgeous pink galahs in their family groups, gathering together on the power lines, with the most glorious of sunsets behind them.


There was also a glorious sunset to behold, the nocturnal scent of fruit bats somewhere nearby, sometimes the sky is full of them as I make my way home, and marvel at their efficient echolocation and wonder why everyone else isn’t out on their balconies watching.  At the same time, there was the not so melodious chirp of the cicadas beneath me croaking away like little froglets, and a giant pink salmon and chimney smoke grey smoke stack weaving it’s way through the fresh air, seemingly generated by the beautiful coloured fairy lights of a nearby coast town in the distance.

And my heart was happy and full.


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